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Unexpected emotions are going to
make it a little hard to communicate right now. Yes, I’m moody. I got it from people closest to me. Yes from u !!


مدن عربية - Arabic cities 

1 - Egypt

2 - Yemen

3 - Riyadh

4 - Syria

5 - Yanbu

6 - Mecca

7 - Morocco

8 - Jordan

9 - Khartoum

10 - Baghdad

People always imagine the middle east as just a desert. Bless this post.

(Source: raad5)

"I went to Partizan and won the title. I went to Benfica and won the title. Now I want to win the title at Liverpool, 100 per cent." [x]

                                         Welcome to Anfield, Markovic.
                                         May your wish come true.

Taruhan, adalah judi, bukan cara
cari rezeki.
Taruhan merusak rezeki
berikutnya. Perhatikan saja. :)
*yg suka taruhan bola…. kecil sih tapi efeknya :D